Staff Directory

Town of Burgaw Main Line:   910-259-2151
Burgaw Municipal Building
109 N Walker Street
Burgaw, North Carolina  28425

Name Directory

First Last Department Title Contact
Joseph Pierce Administration  Town Manager (910)663-3440

Sylvia Raynor Administration Town Clerk (910)663-3441
Kristin Wells Administration Personnel Tech/Deputy Town Clerk (910)663-3444
Wendy Pope Administration Finance Officer (910)663-3442
Tiffany Byrd Administration Accounting Technician (910)663-3443
Kelly Fox Administration Customer Service Representative (910)663-3445
Jim Taylor Fire Fire Chief (910)663-3480
Vacant   Inspections Building Inspector (910)663-3455
Karen Dunn Planning Planning Administrator (910)663-3451
Kimberly Rivenbark Planning/Inspection Community Development Coordinator
Zachary White Parks & Recreation Parks & Recreation Coordinator (910)300-6401
Jim Hock Police Police Chief (910)663-3460
Donald Byrd Police Patrol Sergeant (910)663-3462
Daniel Fuller Police Detective Sergeant (910)663-3461
Lee Williams Police Corporal-Crime Diversion Officer (910)259-4924   
Kevin Robertson Police Patrol Corporal (910)259-4924 
Thomas Padgett Police Patrol Officer (910)259-4924
Kaitlin McKee Police Patrol Officer (910)259-4924 
Timothy Malone Police Patrol Officer (910)259-4924
Grant Simme Police Patrol Officer (910)259-4924
Cordell Smith Police Patrol Officer (910)259-4924
William Farren Police Patrol Officer (910)259-4924
Ronnie Kennedy Police Patrol Officer (910)259-4924
Daisy Ramirez Police Administrative Assistant (910)663-3463
Alan Moore Public Works Director of Public Works (910)259-2901
Matthew Myslow Public Works Assistant Director of Public Works (910)259-5003
Christina Abbood Public Works Administrative Assistant (910) 259-2901


Kenneth Cowan Town of Burgaw Mayor 910-520-6080
Jan Dawson Town of Burgaw Commissioner 910-259-3149
Wilfred L Robbins Town of Burgaw Commissioner 910-602-0698
Bill George Town of Burgaw Commissioner 910-300-6115
Vernon Harrell Town of Burgaw Commissioner 910-259-5710
James Murphy Sr Town of Burgaw Commissioner 910-259-6833
Robert C Kenan Town of Burgaw Town Attorney 910-259-9800