Streets & Drainage

The Streets & Drainage Division maintains Burgaw storm drains and ditches, street sweeps weekly, repairs streets, patches potholes, repairs sidewalks, repairs/replaces street signs maintains right of ways and line of sights on town streets and intersections. Within this division, town crews maintain the drives of the Burgaw Cemetery. To report potholes, drainage problems, or ask questions about Burgaw street-related issues, contact Public Works at (910) 259-2901.

Hwy 117, Hwy 53, 117 Business and other streets, ditches and storm drains are maintained by NCDOT. The Burgaw NCDOT office can be reached at (910) 259-5413.

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Street Lights

Progress Energy maintains street lights in the Town of Burgaw.  Please call the Progress Energy Customer Service Center to report a street light outage by dialing (800) 419-6356 or power issues can be reported online at:

Be prepared to provide the following information:

Where is the light located? It is helpful to have the street light’s pole number or “DIS” number which is located on a yellow sign on the street side of the pole approximately five feet from the ground. You can also count the number of lights between the malfunctioning light and an obvious landmark, such as an intersection or building. Some light locations can be described by the address of the building behind it.

How is the light malfunctioning? Is the street light completely out? Or, does the light not operate during the periods of dusk or dawn? Does the light cycle off and on?

Detailed information is especially useful because these lights may be working properly when Progress Energy crews arrive.

Storm Drains

Public Works: (910) 259-2901

Storm drainage systems within Town street right-of-way are maintained by the Town. Storm drainage systems outside Town street rights-of-way are the responsibility of the property owner.

For public right-of-way maintenance issues and to report clogged, non-functioning or damaged storm drains, contact the Public Works Department. Do not place grass clippings, leaves, brush, etc., that would restrict water flow in the street curb and gutter area. Instead, place yard waste on the edge of your front yard and off the street pavement for collection. This will assist in preventing clogged drainage arteries.

For other questions regarding drainage, contact the Public Works Department.

Street Maintenance

Public Works: (910) 259-2901
NCDOT Maintenance Office: (910) 259-5413

By calling the Burgaw Public Works, residents can leave messages listing any street or transportation-related problem, and details about the specific location of the problem, such as the nearest street addresses, on streets within town limits. Problems can range from potholes to shrubbery blocking line-of-sight at intersections, to damaged street curbing and more.

Street Cleaning

Public Works: (910) 259-2901

The Town provides street sweeping each Friday, weather permitting, in the downtown area and areas with curb and gutter.